CapitalAim Financial Advisory Pvt. Ltd. Companies with high potential to grow exponentially – hand-picked by CapitalAim through its deep research, extensive experience and insights.

CapitlaAim Research Team screening n number of companies then shortlist the highest potential having being a Multibaggers.

The Research team undertakes fundamental analysis of the shortlisted potential multibaggers. These shortlist outliers then compare with their earnings growth, profitability parameters, management experience and competence, return on equity benchmarks, competition analysis, etc.

Upside Potential Time Horizon No. of Ideas Investment Criteria Product Category
80-100% 1-3 Years 10-12 Stocks 20-30% on the first month according to our Research and remaining gradually. Long Term

Suitable For:
This product is created for those investors who have a basic understanding of the stock market as well as favourable to those who are new in the field of investment but are relatively aware of the risks involved in the equity as an investment asset class. Investors having "Low Risk" taking capacity should subscribe to this product.

The Medium of Calls:
Calls/Recommendations will be provided through SMS, Messenger Service & E-Mail.

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