Process of Suitability Assessment of Capital Aim Financial Advisory Pvt. Ltd. (Investment Advisors)

  • First we check the financial situation of the client, his objectives.
  • Based on his risk profile we suggest client the product
  • If client meets the risk profile norms then we suggest client service of which he has basic knowledge
  • Suppose if client is already trading in equity cash then we suggest him cash service and mean while if his risk profile allows him then we suggest him to study F&O and increase the knowledge on F&O then come to this service.
  • If client's risk profile allows him to do commodity trading, he is already trading in commodities and he has knowledge of commodity trading then we suggest client commodity based services. Meanwhile we suggest client if suitable to increase knowledge of other segments like F&O and Equity cash so that if required he can trade in those segments too in future.
  • If the client has High Risk Appetite then we suggest him services with Bigger Targets
  • If the client has low risk appetite then we suggest him services with Basic targets.
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